Dr T.W. Koh Consultant Cardiologist
Heart Specialist in Harley Street and Brentwood


Read what our patients and colleagues say.

" I am just writing to say how much I appreciate the comprehensive care that you give to the patients I refer to you both in the NHS and privately. It gives me great confidence to know that when I refer a patient to you, you deal with things as thoroughly as you do. I also appreciate the very clear and helpful correspondence, which you send me."
Dr T.B. (General Practitioner)
" I would like to thank you for your outstanding professional approach, speed of response and efficiency in communications. I hope I will get an opportunity to provide this feedback to
Dr F.C.
" Thank you so much for your kind consultation on 09 July 2015 and nudging me towards the appropriate care, all of which was filled with kindness and faultless.
I remain very grateful."
Dr J.B. (General Practitioner)
" I am writing to thank you for the medical help you gave my wife recently. We are both very grateful for the excellent care and attention she received and relieved there was only mild atheroma.Thanks again for all your advice."
Dr I.G.
" To Dr Koh. It has been 10 years on the 23rd December, since you saved my life and I would like to thank you very much. I hope you have a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year."
Mr S.H 14 Dec 2015
" Firstly Dr Koh I would like to thank you for taking the time to explain to both my mother and I, my mother’s problem in great detail. This has reassured my mother and she is happy to go ahead with the angiogram. I have spoken to BUPA and they have given me the following code."
Mrs J.H.
" I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and guidance. I had fully expected to hear that I would be required to take statins (at the very least). You explained things very clearly for me and the outcome for me is good."
Mrs J.B.
" Thank you so much for taking care of me last week in such a sympathetic manner, and also for dealing with me so quickly!"
Mr A.S.
" A note to thank you for your recent letter containing information on Coronary Heart Disease. I am feeling extremely well, have returned to diving and moderate exercise and cannot thank you enough for the outstanding care and treatment that you have given me this year. I look forward to seeing you again in May."
Mr G.R.
" I wish to thank you for your help and advice, particularly your amazingly detailed and understandable description of the PFO and the alternative ways of dealing with this."
Mr M.H.
" I refer to your letter of 3rd April to Dr E, with a copy to me. I was also delighted at the outcome of the various tests and am grateful that you did not make me feel that I was wasting your time. Thank you for the treatment I received from you and for putting my mind at rest."
Mrs K.R.
" I personally thank Dr Koh for his detailed attention to my needs."
Mr D.A.
" Thank you for your kind assistance and it was a pleasure meeting you. If my uncle confirms his visit to London I’ll make sure to send an email to arrange tests and a consultation."
Mr T.A. - Kingdom of Bahrain
" Thank you for a most useful and informative consultation on Friday 13 July. I believe that your advice has given me a better understanding of my condition (atrial fibrillation) and how best to deal with it.I look forward to receiving your report so that I can take it back to my cardiologist in Ghana. Thank you."
Mrs J.S. (Ghana)
" Thank you for your kindness in sending me a letter which has been very helpful in obtaining full holiday insurance. Also for the copy of your letter to my GP which she helped me to interpret and gave me great comfort. I am grateful for your kind attention."
Mrs M.F.
" I would like to thank your department for a successful stent procedure by Dr Koh and his registrar and team. I should be pleased if you would tell them how very pleased I am with all of them, and thank them; Most surely I am now a new man."
Mr D.B.